I love interiors and home decoration. I have a huge pinterest board that vouches for my growing love affair. So when Julie Van Hemelryck told me about Couleur Couleur, her own way of dealing with home interiors’ obsession, I thought I’d give it a look!


Julie is an upholsterer who creates and recreates chairs, re-thinking vintage furniture and giving them a new life. She has some quirky pieces, very 60’s. Other designs are a wink to the London Tube Seats (using the Kirby Design’s Marylebone fabric). Others are an ode to flamboyance. Others are what you want them to be!


Not only does she design collections, she lets you make your own creations. You can bring a chair or pick one at her atelier and choose from a wide range of fabrics. I don’t know anything about upholstery prices… so cannot judge hers. But you can check out some of her pieces on her website.

My personal favorite pieces:

collage chairs

My fave fabric!

Jardin Exo’chic van Christian LacroixI was thinking of upholstering my cats’ trone chair, where they sharpen their nails. But then I thought they’d move to my dear sofa while the chair would be away! And worse: they’d go back to their bad habits on my newly done chair! So nope. Am giving it a second thought. But if you need an injection of color in your house, why don’t you check it out.

Couleur couleur has a stand in the Cocoon Home & Interior Fair (until 23 November). I still have some tickets left if any of you need a pass? Give me a shout and I can give them to you. Or write Julie an email and I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to invite you too!