Hortense & Humus

Grand Central

Café Luxembourg

God Save the Cream


Living Room

The Little Green Shop

Chill at CHYL

The Butcher’s Brunch at Jack O’Shea Chophouse

John&Rose: Food for the Body&Soul

Bunch at SUP: SUPremely Tasty Brunch

La Fabrique: Best Brunch in Brussels

PIN PON, emergency call.

Chicago Cafe, new hot Cantine in Brussels

We gals reunite at Prélude

Les Filles: Girly Lunch, Brunch & much more

Henri & Agnes: Healthy & Local

Garage à Manger: a must-eat in the Chatelain area

Brunch Chez Franz, a definite new favorite

Sunday Brunch @ Café de la Presse. Because you must.