Are you bored? Has the summer excitement worn off? Well lucky for us, Hendrick’s Chambers of the Curious is back in Brussels and has set up camp in the Tour et Taxis ‘Depot des Produits Dangereux’. You can take the tour of the Chambers of curiosities in the basement alongside Professor Von Ernst and his acolytes and challenge your brain & curiosity with the series of experiences. Alternatively, you can simply hit the gin bar and let the mixologists pour you one of their peculiar cocktails. Spoiler alert: they are absolutely delicious. I loved the Jasmine Gin, signature of artist Baloji. Indeed, the Belgian Artist has been chosen to curate this Autumn edition’s artistic universe; From the music to the cocktail menu and the African kiwano cucumber, Baloji has left his imprint.

If you want to roam the chambers of the Curious, you can book your tour here (duration 1h). During the quest, Professor Von Ernst will be assisted by Baloji and other zany characters to test your eight intelligences and ward off monotony with augmented reality and other crazy experiences.

The bar, a dimly lit space with candles and warm leather furniture is open without reservations from Thursday to Saturday 5:30 PM to 1AM. The atmosphere is mysterious and breathtaking. Cucumbers and other fixtures hang from the ceiling. Pianos punctuate the room here and there and two secluded corners await upstairs. Try the refined potions and cocktails and meet the mentalist who will give you a taste of what is to be expected downstairs, in the Chambers of the Curious.

Don’t miss out on this ephemeral installation until 3rd December.


Hendrick’s Chambers of the Curious, Depot des Produits Dangereux, Tour et Taxis, 86C Avenue du Port, Bruxelles

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