A little while ago, The Fork invited me to have lunch at La Paix, the Michel star Restaurant in Les Abattoirs d’Anderlech Neighbourhood. Not the most typical scene for your gourmet address perhaps, but the food is so delicious, so delicate and the service so extraordinary, that you’ll be surprised. La Paix used to be a popular brasserie closely tied to the Slaughterhouse activities and workers. Butchers would come in after work and have a beer or enjoy a good carnivore meat. For long, La Paix’s specialty involved matured meat cuts and hearty meals. But that… that was before.

Chef David Martin, upon many a travel to Japan, has decided to take a dramatic turn away from this type of cuisine. Today, La Paix serves uncluttered refined dishes of Japanese inspiration. Don’t expect the usual fusion cuisine though. The chef likes to explore and his compositions are as creative as they are scrumptious. But the neighbourly, animated, honest spirit of the brasserie survives. Eating at La Paix is a trip. As you make your way through the street, you are in Kinshasa, Casablanca, London, Anderlecht. As you take a seat in this worn out yet polished room, you are in Brussels and Kyoto. A chandelier made of a thousand origami cranes inspired by the Japanese legend augurs good luck.

// An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wis by the Gods. Some stories believe you are granted Eternal good luck instead of just one wish. //

La Paix works with top quality products, often of controlled designation of origin. The red label poultry from the Landes, the Cenomans red label pork from the Sarthe region, etc. They are the only Belgian restaurant to have live Norwegian King Crabs.

During our lunch we tried a series of exquisite dishes:

– Marinated Sardines, rice wine, saké and almond praline

– Warm-Cold of poached little red mullet with powder sakura and wild fennel

– Miso marinated cod, fine pie of candied celeriac, dashi borth and mustard leaf

– Stuffed Oyster with mushrooms, crusty bonito and watercress from the Laeken Royal Greenhouses

– Bresse Poultry, shio koji, corn, potatoes, ceps, roasted cabbage and poultry juice

– ‘La Clocharde’ Apple millefeuille, yubeshi ice cream, madeleines, chocolate financie and quince compote


I honestly recommend you take on The Fork’s 5-course menu offer at 100€, beverages included. A nice Christmas gift for foodies.

On The Fork’s website, you can find a link to download the app and keep an eye on all the special offers and book your table in a couple of clicks.


Restaurant La Paix, Rue Ropsy-Chaudron 49. 1070 Bruxelles. Open Monday to Friday from noon to 13h45 and Friday evenings until 21h.


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