Casa Cook Kos is by far the most beautiful hotel I’ve visited in my life so bear with me while I gush about this piece of paradise I intend to turn into a yearly pilgrimage. This Casa Cook is located on Kos’ northern shore beachfront. Its effortless rustic sleek design makes it a perfect sanctuary of peace and wellbeing with laid back noble materials and exquisite design pieces. Many can be purchased in their store, from the hammocks to lamps, linen and the Meraki cosmetics available in the rooms and the spa.

If you want to unwind in the privacy of your room, many have their own private pool and terrace with a hammock to lay back and breathe in the beauty. I spent most of my stay in the retreat it offered, reading, swimming and dreaming in the sun. The main pool is a great spot too, and being an adult-only hotel, it saves you from the shrieks and chaos that often comes with family resorts. I just gotta love Casa Cook.

When you’re in the mood to mingle, head to To Kima beach club by the main pool. It’s basically the heart of the hotel, with a loungers area by the bar, sunbeds and the restaurant. The kitchen is open all day and you can order anywhere from your room,  poolside or by the beach. The cuisine is meze-style and Mediterranean. The menu, created by Chef Ettore Botrini presents an array of light and lavish options celebrating the culture of togetherness. Produce comes straight from local source thanks to close relationships with local farmers and fishermen. Their tzatziki is a bliss, as were the moist pita bread, the exquisite garlic focaccia, the roasted stuffed vegetables and their fresh juices. I tried to taste the whole menu during the stay but didn’t even get close. Next time, I will consider going half-board.

Evenings, head to To Kima’s terrace or the beach for an unforgettable sunset and a cocktail or two. A little weird fact though; every time an order reaches the kitchen, it is read aloud and every cook has to acknowledge it by shouting “Ne!” (yes in Greek). At the beginning, I thought it was a peculiar and fun ritual, but it slowly started to slightly get on my nerves. The music in the beach club area evolves as the day flows, easing you into the changing rhythms of the day. From Brazilian chilled melodies to electro vibes all the way through jazz and good old rock. I found myself shazamming many a tune.

If you want to pamper yourself rotten, book a massage or a hammam ritual in the spa. The small spa is super zen, with an interior pool, a fitness area (with House of Cards Water rowers!) and infusions to keep you soothed.

Casa Cook also organizes myriad events to keep life bustling, from early rise yoga classes to open air cinema screenings. The adventurous can book a boat tour or saddle up for a trail ride through the dunes. Kitesurf and paddleboard are great options for sporty guests, while the lazy like me will enjoy the quiet basking in the sun and the occasional swim.

Casa Cook has two other locations I plan to discover as soon as I can: Chania and Rhodes. But for now, I’ll replay my stay in my head on loop, to savor it a bit longer.