is a bar // slash // restaurant conceived by the self-made design eminence Frederic Nicolay. For this occasion, Nicolay has partnered up with Philippe Emanuelli to bring another foodie spot to the Porte de Hal neighbourhood. Located at the end of the Marolles, it’s the perfect spot to have dinner before heading to the bars in Saint-Gilles. Go to Angelina for a thin and crispy pizza or a plate of oysters and have a glass of Tariri Armenian wine or an iced yuzu sake.

The large industrial-rustic space is an absolute eye treat and combines exposed bricks and raw wood together with Dokidoc light fixtures and an open space kitchen. During the week, you can nibble on one of their pizzas straight out of their 6-tiered castelli oven and listen to their carefully curated music for a guaranteed good mood -think Vianello’s ‘Guarda come dondolo’ or Brigitte Bardot’s ‘Ma Madrague’.

During weekends, snack on more elaborate treats from The Crab Club or the ‘Liberté, Egalite, Poulet’ roastery (by Philippe Emanuelli, where chicken come from the Lustin farm, where they are bred outdoors and  slow-grown). From octopus to artichokes or a runny gorgonzola, Angelina will win you over with its taste for simple and authentic flavors. And with these sunny days, let the warmth cradle you on the terrace.


Angelina, Bd de Waterloo 136, 1060 Saint-Gilles, T: +32 2 534 07 49. Open everyday from 5 pm – 11 pm