I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of street food. It’s simple, it’s fast and when it’s good, it can be oh-so-delicious… A new joint has opened in the Chatelain area and it’s a goodie. pays homage to… you guessed it: Baos. Those steamed & stuffed little buns and the quintessence of Vietnamese street cuisine. Everything in Bao Bang Bang is minimalist, from its menu to its interior. The sleek interior was designed by Atelier Dynamo (Prelude, Happy Guesthouse) and features white walls, terrazzo floors and a number of tiger-themed pictures and objects, not least of which a customised tiger door handle.

Inspired by his Asian trips and its myriad food markets, Fabrice came up with a simple menu with 5 bao recipes (crispy pork, fried chicken, marinated beef, spicy fish and fried-tofu) and a variety of side dishes such as crusty (though a tad heavy) kimchi balls, mandoos (stuffed ravioli) or twisted potatoes on a stick. At lunchtime, there are two menus (although you can always order a la carte): 2 Buns + 1 Mandoo + Slaw for 13€  //  3 Buns + 1 Mandoo + Slaw for 17€.

I loved the vegetarian Bao but would like to try their classic crispy pork version next time. And I should admit I couldn’t get enough of their sriracha sauce. Come dessert, indulge in a mochi ice cream (a bite of vanilla ice cream wrapped in a rice dough) or apple gyozas. To finish, try their homemade Yujacha, made from Yuzu-jam and which is perfect for this throat-itching season.


Bao Bang Bang, rue de l’Aqueduc, 155 à 1050 Ixelles, T: +32 2 644 18 11. Open Monday-Saturday 11h30 – 22h