is an Italian take-away & deli shop in the center of the EU quarter, right next to Place Luxembourg. Behind the project, four friends with a vision: to offer honest food from ethically sourced producers. They carefully select small suppliers and growers mostly from the south of Italy. They must all share the same ethos and values underpinned by sustainable products and fair working conditions. At Domenica you will find authentic Italian flavors and fresh meals. Plus the packaging is super cute!

Hungry at lunchtime? Domenica gots you covered with homemade 24h rise dough pizza -the Domenica truffle-provola pizza is a killer! And if you need a warm piece of comfort food, try their lasagnas -the Biancoverde (pesto, ricotta and mozzarella di bufala) is a top choice. The more frugal eaters will find a wide range of scrumptious salads, like the Light eat up with bresaola carpaccio & rocket. And the focaccia-bread sandwiches are pretty nice too… I mean, hear this out: focaccia with prosciutto crudo, burrata di bufala, pesto & rocket… Yup, I figured as much.

If you’re planning a little cosy dinner at home or a rustic picnic outside, fill your grocery baskets with classics like prosciutto, organic wines and preserves and the most incredible selection of cheese you can dream of. I’m talking creamy burrata you’d sell your mother for. Smoked scamorza. Provola. Do I need to continue?

Next to their incredible range of delicious Italian products, what I like most about Domenica is its humanity. How four friends from horizons as different as anthropology, bakery and graphic design decided to put their energy and talent at the interest of consumers’ and producers’. If only to meet that crazy bunch of peeps, you need to push Domenica‘s door. You can thank me later.

Domenica, Rue de Trêves 32B, T: +32 2 657 30 67. Open Mon-Fri from 8am to 7pm.