If you’re discovering Tarifa, that bohemian piece of Spanish land so close to Africa you can feel its sand on your skin, you can’t miss a romantic evening in .

Right on the beach, this exquisite Italian restaurant had me hooked at first sight, with its wooden deck, the delicate flower arrangements, the colorful metallic chairs and the mismatched china. As the sun sets and light grows dimmer, the beach takes red and orange colors and candles are lit, making l’Osteria del Sole the perfect place for a romantic tête-à-tête or a quiet evening with family or friends, away from the frenzy and noise of the city.

The menu varies continuously and revolves around homemade pasta and an array of fish little dishes. Veggie options are not as numerous as I would have liked, but my simple plate of homemade spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce was impeccable. Their off-menu salad of the day was a mix of octopus, tomato, artichoke and celery. Fresh and full of flavor. Their pasta dishes (homemade passatelli, spaghetti, tagliatelle and ravioli) boast a wide array of original recipes with Italian delicacies such as guanciale, gorgonzola and speck. Carnivores would probably like to indulge in their roastbeef with freshly grated truffle or their Bolognese ragu tagliatelle.

Their bread is also handmade and their fried variety is especially scrumptious and reminded me of the Uruguayan “tortas fritas”, a simple fried dough usually prepared by grannies on rainy summer days.

So if you’re in Kitesurf paradise, take an evening to visit this haven of quiet and delicate cuisine. Reservations recommended.


Osteria del Sole, Carretera Cadiz-Malaga (N-340) km 80, Tarifa 11380 Spain. Open everyday from 1:30pm-4pm and 8:30pm-11:45pm